Action lines

Went to see a Jazz / Blues / Latin band called The Fabulous Quitters at the Addis Ababa Restaurant on Queen.  Took my sketch book and made it a live art session 😛  It was dark but I still managed to do some stuffs:

Afterward, at Spadina and Queen, I drove up to make a left turn at the intersection.  I had green but there was oncoming traffic on the other lane so I waited.  Then as the light was turning red, a street car came up from the other direction and slowly went through the intersection.  By the time it passed, the light was well red and the traffic from the left and right started moving.  Except I was kind of in the middle of the road..  And a cop car was the one that happened to get blocked…  He eventually pulled me over.   They (yes, there was 2 of them) had many laffs about how I don’t look like the guy on my driver’s licence and health card…  (I had since shaved my head, got a mohawk and grew my beard).  Then they gave me 2 tickets, one for failing to clear signalized intersection and one for not having latest insurance card… 

How very lovely..

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