Big Bird

Big Bird

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my little joker

Close ups:



I had actually started this a long time ago in a conference meeting at work. Here are some of initial sketches trying to explore the idea of a cat being Joker:

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Holy Ground

Here’s kinalien playing a violin!


An alien musician inspired by kina grannis: Kinalien!




Last post for 2010. And it’s a catchup post D:


Here are a few stranglers I finally caught up with.


Here are some silly msn sketches me and my friend, Vjolla, did today ūüėõ


Here is that swan.¬† I have to colour in the beak and add some white highlights etc.¬† Hope I don’t screw it up!

Sketchoholic Marathon

Today I did a Sketch Marathon hosted by the guys.¬† It consisted of 4 legs, each one being 1 hr long.¬† A topic is picked by the winner of the previous leg then we have a little less than an hour to come up with our piece.¬† It was very nerve rackling because you have to come up with your idea and then do it so fast.¬† It was very exciting and I had lots of fun even though I didn’t win a round.¬†¬† Here are my pieces:¬†

Part 1: Animals on Steroids 

Hey, no fair! 


Part 2: Dinosaur Princess 

Rapunzaur Rapunzaur, let your tail down!

Part 3: Creatures that Work 

The TreeCutter 


Part 4: Fancy Dresser 

Mr. Bean Animated Series DVD cover 


The time constraints really push you to exercise parts of your creative ability in ways that you normally wouldn’t.¬† Click on the links to see the other artists’ submissions.¬† Some are really amazing!¬†

Until next time, keep up the INTENSE Intensity!

it’s been a pleasure to be here…

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