#sketch_dailies PRINCE DRACULA

combined 2 #sketch_dailies topics for this sketch:


UPDATE – uploaded a process of making this:

#sketch_dailies GOLLUM

My preciouuuuusss…


UPDATE: made a process video of creating this painting:

#sketch_dailies MUPPETS

Oscar the Grouch


#sketch_dailies TROLL

Decided to start the #sketch_dailies thing that everyone is doing. Started off with the troll. My version is bald..


Have to force my self not to get carried away with these, and keep them short and loose. Takes discipline..

The Bad

Here’s a caricature of Lee Van Cleef. He’s one of the great Western actors, often playing the role of the villain.


Save Smooshi

John Holer

A wise man once said “You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.” After listening to the stories of Phil Demers on an episode of Joe Rogan’s podcast a while back, it became clear to me that one man’s character was pure evil. This man – John Holer, the owner of Marineland. The stories I’ve heard range from him shooting innocent dogs (https://twitter.com/walruswhisperer/status/421730090385289216/photo/1) to torturing orcas and walruses by forcing them to live in sickening conditions. You need to listen to the podcast (JRE #425) and watch the documentary “Blackfish” that reveals some of the conditions that these animals have to suffer in. Really, these animals should not be captured to begin with. Go help spread the word and support Phil in his indiegogo campaign – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-defend-animal-defenders – only a few days left. Also check out his twitter where you can find links to more info and other animal defenders – https://twitter.com/walruswhisperer.

Dammit Elam!

My sister is a fan of the AMC tv show, Hell on Wheels. She asked me to draw Anson Mount’s character in the show, Cullen Bohannon. Here’s what I came up with:


“You come at me with a knife, son, you better be ready to use it.”



Here’s a caricature of one of my favourite Youtubers, Devin Graham. He is really one of the most hardworking filmmakers out there. Check out his work, you’ll see: youtube.com/devinsupertramp


Here is a comic I hope DC will really consider – Batwuss. To be honest, I look forward to seeing Ben Affleck play the role of Batman in the upcoming Superman movie. So this piece is really my impression of the internet’s impression of the situation. I think he might actually make a good Batman. He can pull off the body and he’s got that massive chin which can only look good in a Batman mask. Interested in seeing how he uses his voice though… husky Boston accent squeals anyone?



Oh, come on!

Here is Steve Carell as Gru from Despicable Me.



Here is a quick Quentin Tarantino sketch. Not too happy with how this came out, but oh well.

quentin tarantino



Larry King Live

Here’s a Larry King caricature:

Here are some thumbnails from the exploration phase:

Aaand a progress pic:


Here are a few quick explorations of President Obama.