ice age

It’s been an icy winter, so I haven’t been able to run in a while. Here’s hoping that drawing people running will keep me in shape..


Asian chicken

took me the time to read all you

i never play so fast

Here’s today’s and yesterdays work.

Thinking of doing a venom piece soon, so just started exploring some concepts.

Did some more of this Lainey …


Almost forgot to do my art today! Shame on me!

And there wasn’t an art post yesterday because I got started on a sketch and didn’t scan it yet. WHen I work some more on it you’ll see it.. soon..

taking in the summer sun

not through speaking

Dead end driving

Saw and played around with it a bit and got this:

slop slop

Finished up this Juggernaut today.

Also just did this for fun:

whoa! 2 works of art for the day! And it’s only midday! Yay for conference call meetings from home! 😀

whipped cream on your nose

looking out