crazy fool told you lies

Bring you inside

I wrote on words

Wake up

Working on the next m0m0comic.  Here is a sneak peak.


Dunno, I was inspired to do a boy today.


I am old


I am trying a reverse order of the images.  So the first pic is the last one I did in the night and it goes down to the warmups 🙂

Also, right before the session we went to the Woolfitt’s art store which is close to the Gladstone Hotel (where the art sessions are held).  I used a 50 dollar gift card I have been waiting to redeem for a while 😀  Thanks G20!   So I got a sketch book and decided to try out a new medium – markers.  I’m really liking it so far!  They are so much fun and the effect you get  is really something else.  Here’s to trying new stuff and seeing c00l things happen!

Where does the time go


I believe I can Fly

Chris asked me to draw him as a whale…  It was not easy but I present to you: “If Chris Cendana was a whale…”

I based it off my other quick sketch.

My peeps

Baby there’s a shark in the water

I caught them barking at the moon..

Plugin fail

No tickets

Was in a weird mood tonight but some good things turned up.

Midnight Carrot

I worked on Kina’s sketch a bit.  Trying out a few different things.  Interesting.