Risk Thing

Here’s the catch of all from the last few days.

Really, WoW

Finally finished this Adelais, my friend’s WoW character.

geet geet

If I ever came out with a hair product for girls I would call it “Hurr” and I would advertise it as follows.


Modified it abit and here is a slightly larger version –

– for men, see “Arrr”

come and go

Fall is here. Go outside and enjoy it.

her nails

started inking this..

i can wait

Some catchup!


count on me

Felt like I kept getting out of breath in this live art session.

– like one two three..

just the way you are

Back from my Manitoulin Trip. Was an exciting trip and I didn’t do any sketches when I was there. But here is what I started working on before I left (for my mom’s bday). I didn’t give ger cuz the birthday passed plus I’m not 100% happy with it.

Be Easy

Haven’t been posted in the past few days because, well, the things I’m working on everyday are either not done or on paper (which I’ll eventually scan/photo).

Here is something to tide you over:

Source: http://dailybooth.com/jackieblower/8708558


Here are the arts from the past few days that I haven’t uploaded:

These are some doodles from a meeting last week. They were done upside down =)

You have stolen my essence!

This is a tribute to Fruit Fucker.

– Give it back