Always bet on black

Here a Wesley Snipes piece. He’s currently serving a 3 year sentence in jail for tax evasion. That pisses me off. Why don’t they throw Lindsay Lohan in jail instead. She’s a bigger threat to society. Let the man do what he does best – make movies.

Charles Dutton sketch

Here’s a sketch of the actor Charles Dutton:

These are all the thumbnails I did before settling on one to continue with. Some are pretty bad 😛

Father’s Day

Here is a digital painting of my dad that I did for Father’s Day. I went for a more realistic feel rather than doing it caricaturish.

I Pity the FoOl

Here is a digital caricature painting of Mr. T.

I started out by doing 3 quick thumbnail sketches:



When I got something I was happy with, I worked with it. I started with big values then progressed to small:

I am the one who knocks. I AM the DANGER.

Here’s a digital painting sketch of one of my favourite TV characters – Walter White AKA Heisenberg, from the AMC Series “Breaking Bad”.  Amazing show.



It only gets better from here

Today D-Pryde released his mixtape, Flagship. I am a fan of his so I instantly downloaded! As I was listening, I drew this sketch of him.

It’s a really well made mixtape. High quality production, and his lyrics are clever. I can’t believe I got this without paying for it. You can check it out here: It`s free!