Didn’t like the rightmost ones in the 2nd one.  Things are not balanced… oh well…

A Beastlike Beast

Today was freaking cold.  I had to stop off and warm up in buildings just on the walk to and from the  car park…  And it was a long day @ work, eyes are dead.  But I have my sketches for tonight cuz I got on them pretty much as soon as I came home, yay!

partial sketch

Ok, today’s will be a partial odosketch.  I didn’t get time to do more but atleast there’s something for today!

Don’t know where I’m going with this – any ideas?  IF you have an interesting suggestion I just may play with it!

a few critters

I was about to go to sleep, then I realised I didn’t do today’s bidding.  So I postponed sleep for another little while to put these up.  Atleast I’m not going to sleep 3:45 in the morning like yesterday…

¿Que pasa, Chico?

1st done in optometrist’s office… 2nd done on kitties

Lotsa Eights

Today’s doodling was done entirely in a meeting @work…

I think towards the end I was now getting the hang of it and uncovering the essence of this exercise.  I shall have to do more of it!  I can’t almost hardly wait for my next boring meeting 😛

My favorite is the top right on the second image.  Things look so precariously positioned and strange yet it still maintains it’s identity as an “8”.  What’s your fav?

Baby are you down down down down down…

Damn song stuck in my head.

Ok, today’s art format is threefold: a tradition pen on paper sketch, an odosketch and a pastry…

I will post more about odosketch and some of my other work on there another time. 😉

As for the 3rd beautiful piece of artwork – my mom was baking a cake and I decided to make a chocolate cake with some of her batter 😀  She only let me use a little bit so that’s why it’s so small!  But it was delicious!  I made it with cocoa and Milo 😛 Oh yeah, and I chopped up a few mixed nuts and sprinkled on half of the batter =)

Sleep time, bye for nowz.


2:00 am in the morning again.  Dammit, I gotta reset this blog’s circadian rhythm.  I’ve already given her a little makeover.  I found a few cool free themes and picked this one for now.  I like it’s simplicity.  We’ll see about integrating this with everything else but for now, it’s our own little secret separate-from-everything-else project 😉

Here are today’s sketches:



1st actually real post…

Ok, so here are today’s sketches.  This time scanned…  Takes so long to do everything… I’m quickly starting to regret that bright idea I had yesterday…

I want to get faster at getting basic concepts down.  That’s one of the things that I’ll be trying to focus on now.  I want my manner of drawing to give the effect that I don’t really care but at the same time the outcome must be simply effective.  This is a start, let’s see where I end up! 😮

1st real post.

Ok, so yesterday I had a moment on twitter where I decided that I should post sketches everyday.  I don’t get much extra time everyday but if I can squeeze out atleast one little sketch consistently then that effort will make me improve.  Right?  I hope so…  OUCH a mosquito just bit me on my neck… right in the Adam’s apple wtf

I posted yesterday’s sketches on twitpic.  Today I realised that it would be better if I had my own blog for this.  So i quickly set up this ATM barebones blog to post tonight’s sketches.  But first, here are yesterday’s sketches as posted on twitpic:

Hopefully I’ll get a better system in place for displaying images but right now it is what it is.  Now to etch today’s post into this crude block of a blog.