I try to break through..

Almost done this comic.

…but you know that it’s up to you



I’m exploring a few different styles for a book I am interested on working on. Going to be putting them up in the next few days. Once theyre all there, we’ll have to pick one 🙂

Here’s the first:
UPDATE: added whiskers…



Love me


Worked a bit on this comic. One day I will finish it.

you’re on again



Animation is freaking hard. Tried another one of these but I had a hard time. Spent alot of time cutting out things I spent time making. Cuz they just didn’t fit well when things were moving. Didn’t come out great but I think i still managed to get something ok.

I like the last one better…

Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning

Here is yesterday’s live art session. Was too tired to post it last night. It was an interesting session because I had an interesting position. When we walked in it was packed, so I ended up sitting on the floor right infront of the model… It was kind of intimidating but it was good because I don’t usually get angles like this! She even told me, while she was posing, that it is at times like this that she wishes she had her glasses so she could see my sketches of her. It helped take the pressure off me 🙂

kat anim

Are you building a mystery?

It’s like lookin’ in a mirror

I’ll leave it up to you to figure out what’s going on here.