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Hi there. So I haven’t updated the site in months! That’s not to say I have not been doing the daily art. I have stuck to it, I just have not been uploading because I have been so busy. Yesterday I scanned my artwork since last post and I am starting to retroactively upload them with this post. This set came from a life art session a few months back.

Tangled up

Here are the sketches from the last 2 life art sessions.  Finally got to uploading them 🙂

It was funny and strange walking into the art room and seeing the old guy who hosts the life art sessions up on the stage, buck naked, holding an elegant pose.  Turns out the model was late, so he went up and posed in the meantime.  Heh.  And he did a good job too.  Had a good physique and held interesting poses.  But the model came soon after…  That was the only few minutes I have ever had a male nude model.  We need more guys in these things.  It’s fun to do both ends of the gender spectrum (yeah, it’s becoming a spectrum).

He said that he was in another art group where each artist would take turns posing.  That’s crazy!  I can’t imagine going to something like that..

Anyway, here goes catchup:

count on me

Felt like I kept getting out of breath in this live art session.

– like one two three..

Moving Mountains

Now that the oil painting class is done, I”m glad to be back doing the life drawings sessions. Here are yesterday’s pieces. 2 to 3 to 5 to 7 to 10 minute poses (in reverse):

Also worked a big on a friend’s poster today. Will post that tmr when it should be done.



Today’s live model was a little more plump than the usual. Finally a woman with nice curves 😛 Had fun today:



I am trying a reverse order of the images.  So the first pic is the last one I did in the night and it goes down to the warmups 🙂

Also, right before the session we went to the Woolfitt’s art store which is close to the Gladstone Hotel (where the art sessions are held).  I used a 50 dollar gift card I have been waiting to redeem for a while 😀  Thanks G20!   So I got a sketch book and decided to try out a new medium – markers.  I’m really liking it so far!  They are so much fun and the effect you get  is really something else.  Here’s to trying new stuff and seeing c00l things happen!

No tickets

Was in a weird mood tonight but some good things turned up.

Woke up, it was a Chelsea morning

Here is yesterday’s live art session. Was too tired to post it last night. It was an interesting session because I had an interesting position. When we walked in it was packed, so I ended up sitting on the floor right infront of the model… It was kind of intimidating but it was good because I don’t usually get angles like this! She even told me, while she was posing, that it is at times like this that she wishes she had her glasses so she could see my sketches of her. It helped take the pressure off me 🙂


Here are today’s live art sketches, from 2 minute to 10 minute poses.

Very happy with today’s session and live art in general.  I feel good about my improvements so far 🙂

Come to an end

This was much better than the last session when I was out of it for some reason.


Posting yesterday’s art.

Yesterday was busy with meetings, photoshoot, training new guy, live art session, open mic… but the art was still done so it’s all good! I felt out of it at the session and that can be seen in the art but whatever. We all have our bad days.

1st Gladstone Hotel experience

It is alot better than Cameron House’s Dr. Sketchy’s in terms of things that are worthy of being in terms of.  It’s just you, infront of the model.  Nothing in between.  Going to try to make this a weekly thing!

A preface:

Some quick warm ups:

Turn this one sideways for a hidden treat 😛

Almost done the sketching book that I started this blog with! 😀

Action lines

Went to see a Jazz / Blues / Latin band called The Fabulous Quitters at the Addis Ababa Restaurant on Queen.  Took my sketch book and made it a live art session 😛  It was dark but I still managed to do some stuffs:

Afterward, at Spadina and Queen, I drove up to make a left turn at the intersection.  I had green but there was oncoming traffic on the other lane so I waited.  Then as the light was turning red, a street car came up from the other direction and slowly went through the intersection.  By the time it passed, the light was well red and the traffic from the left and right started moving.  Except I was kind of in the middle of the road..  And a cop car was the one that happened to get blocked…  He eventually pulled me over.   They (yes, there was 2 of them) had many laffs about how I don’t look like the guy on my driver’s licence and health card…  (I had since shaved my head, got a mohawk and grew my beard).  Then they gave me 2 tickets, one for failing to clear signalized intersection and one for not having latest insurance card… 

How very lovely..