Last post for 2010. And it’s a catchup post D:


Here is that Spiderman piece I finally finished:

And here with a more comic book effect:

And one’s that’s just weird:


I don’t know wtf this is..

I bleed onstantly

Added another friend from work and finished this piece.  Hope they like it…

If you stay just a little..

Just decided to racoonify my friend.  Here’s what I got so far.  I’ll finish it tmr.

– that’s enough.

Jackie Wilde

I don’t have Bell as my ISP but I do remember way back when I did. I did not like it.

I don’t need those things

Here’s an update on how this piece is coming along.

You’ll never settle any of your scores.

Here’s a sneak at a WIP 🙂


Made a Christmas thing for my Professor/Boss/Adviser/Teacher/Friend/Shrink/etc… Which one do you like more?


Here are a few stranglers I finally caught up with.

Tangled up

Here are the sketches from the last 2 life art sessions.  Finally got to uploading them 🙂

It was funny and strange walking into the art room and seeing the old guy who hosts the life art sessions up on the stage, buck naked, holding an elegant pose.  Turns out the model was late, so he went up and posed in the meantime.  Heh.  And he did a good job too.  Had a good physique and held interesting poses.  But the model came soon after…  That was the only few minutes I have ever had a male nude model.  We need more guys in these things.  It’s fun to do both ends of the gender spectrum (yeah, it’s becoming a spectrum).

He said that he was in another art group where each artist would take turns posing.  That’s crazy!  I can’t imagine going to something like that..

Anyway, here goes catchup:


Made some sheep.  They’ve already found herders…


Heel, BITCH@!

Follow me.

Also here is another pic of the Remembrance Day soldier.  He’s as tall as the flight of steps…


Here are some silly msn sketches me and my friend, Vjolla, did today 😛

Part 2

Changed up the hair a little bit.

Photography is Happy

– Happy happy