Great meals

Here’s today’s piece. Felt like doing a poster style thing. The subject is a friend…

Here is the art from the last few days that I did not post.

Asian chicken


Here is that swan.  I have to colour in the beak and add some white highlights etc.  Hope I don’t screw it up!

the peace of mind i left behind

Went to the last session of the oil painting class and got started on a scene with a Swan.  It’s coming out great, i like it!  But I didn’t take photos of it yet.  Instead here is something else I was inspired to do quickly.  It’s a cute concept :>

– I pray you’ll keep in your perfect garden

just the way you are

worked some more on mountains and trees

took me the time to read all you

Catch up

Yes, I know, i haven’t posted in the last few days. I had an excuse that I worked on polishing everyday that I didn’t post. But now I forget it… Anyway, I did do my daily art, so here is everything in one:

Here are some skies and clouds are I started working on first. I decided to just take one thing at a time and practice it. Later on when I get better at each thing, I can put them together in a composiiton.

Here is a 2nd day of clouds (although some of them turned out looking more like splashes…):

and some mountains:

One of my cats liked the painting so much that he signed it and claimed it as his own!

Sadly, I do not know which cat it is because I have not yet learnt how to read pawographs…

Next up is the progress on the landscape piece I started last week. I don’t too much like how it came out but oh well.

Some other stuff:

And lastly, some tree exploration:

These clouds, mountains and trees were done from Bob Ross’s lessons. I realized that the painting class I am going to was good as a kick start but as far as learning goes, I am way better off learning on my own with the help video lessons by Bob Ross. He was really a great teacher and an amazing artist.

I give it all to you

i never play so fast

Here’s today’s and yesterdays work.

Thinking of doing a venom piece soon, so just started exploring some concepts.

Did some more of this Lainey …


hitchhiker on the freeway

Just tried a background. Not particularly pleased with how it came out, but oh well.


Here is yesterday’s oil painting class painting. It is a Work in Progress of a fall landscape scene. It’s just the first dark area shapes. Next I will work on adding the tree trunks and branches and highlights of the leaves. I really like how this is coming on, I hope I don’t mess it up 😛

Sketchoholic Marathon

Today I did a Sketch Marathon hosted by the guys.  It consisted of 4 legs, each one being 1 hr long.  A topic is picked by the winner of the previous leg then we have a little less than an hour to come up with our piece.  It was very nerve rackling because you have to come up with your idea and then do it so fast.  It was very exciting and I had lots of fun even though I didn’t win a round.   Here are my pieces: 

Part 1: Animals on Steroids 

Hey, no fair! 


Part 2: Dinosaur Princess 

Rapunzaur Rapunzaur, let your tail down!

Part 3: Creatures that Work 

The TreeCutter 


Part 4: Fancy Dresser 

Mr. Bean Animated Series DVD cover 


The time constraints really push you to exercise parts of your creative ability in ways that you normally wouldn’t.  Click on the links to see the other artists’ submissions.  Some are really amazing! 

Until next time, keep up the INTENSE Intensity!

Stay with me in the yellow

blundering f00l

Did some oil painting explorations today. I think I’m getting the hang of them apples.

Also, yesterday I worked more on Adelais so even though art was not posted, art was done.

– it’s like a rollercoaster and I’m stuck on the ride