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Snoop Dogg -> Snoop Lion -> Snoop Manticore


Very aware

This started off as just a face study, but after adding things here and there it became something more..


Wizard of Oz character studies 1

Here are some studies of Skottie Young’s character interpretations in the Wonderful Wizard of Oz world. He and writer Eric Shanower are bringing back the classic series by L. Frank Baum with the Marvel touch.

Sketchoholic Marathon

Today I did a Sketch Marathon hosted by the Schoolism.com guys.  It consisted of 4 legs, each one being 1 hr long.  A topic is picked by the winner of the previous leg then we have a little less than an hour to come up with our piece.  It was very nerve rackling because you have to come up with your idea and then do it so fast.  It was very exciting and I had lots of fun even though I didn’t win a round.   Here are my pieces: 

Part 1: Animals on Steroids 

Hey, no fair! 


Part 2: Dinosaur Princess 

Rapunzaur Rapunzaur, let your tail down!

Part 3: Creatures that Work 

The TreeCutter 


Part 4: Fancy Dresser 

Mr. Bean Animated Series DVD cover 


The time constraints really push you to exercise parts of your creative ability in ways that you normally wouldn’t.  Click on the links to see the other artists’ submissions.  Some are really amazing! 

Until next time, keep up the INTENSE Intensity!

Whale to the ground

Yeah yeah, I know.  I was supposed to continue working on that Kina drawing today but twitter was down and the twitter over capacity whale inspired me to draw this:

you’re on again

He’s behind me…

I might still add a few things to this.  But here is what I have so far:

..isn’t he


Something I’m working on…

I think it might turn out well 😉


A Beastlike Beast

Today was freaking cold.  I had to stop off and warm up in buildings just on the walk to and from the  car park…  And it was a long day @ work, eyes are dead.  But I have my sketches for tonight cuz I got on them pretty much as soon as I came home, yay!