Sorry, EH?

if its not one thing, it’s 20 million other things…

it’s been a pleasure to be here…

..on the roof

Cartoonz 4ver!

Did some sketching for a comic and some exploration into triangle girl.  I like her best without the legs showing.  I like the effect it gives when u see the shoes straight from the triangle clothing thingie.

Double Double for Triple Triple


Good news, bad news

I like the art I do at doctor’s offices.  Always comes out cool.

The good news is that it’s nawt ahh tooumAH!  I also don’t have lyme disease.

I still don’t know why I’m dying.

Alien dude

Why do you make me feel this way?

Sometimes, the hardest thing is saying goodbye


Digitalized the drawing from last night.  The drummer was uniquely weird.  I wanted to capture his expression but I was sitting too far, and it was dark.  So I just got a minor resemblance to him but since it stands on its on, it’s good.

Action lines

Went to see a Jazz / Blues / Latin band called The Fabulous Quitters at the Addis Ababa Restaurant on Queen.  Took my sketch book and made it a live art session 😛  It was dark but I still managed to do some stuffs:

Afterward, at Spadina and Queen, I drove up to make a left turn at the intersection.  I had green but there was oncoming traffic on the other lane so I waited.  Then as the light was turning red, a street car came up from the other direction and slowly went through the intersection.  By the time it passed, the light was well red and the traffic from the left and right started moving.  Except I was kind of in the middle of the road..  And a cop car was the one that happened to get blocked…  He eventually pulled me over.   They (yes, there was 2 of them) had many laffs about how I don’t look like the guy on my driver’s licence and health card…  (I had since shaved my head, got a mohawk and grew my beard).  Then they gave me 2 tickets, one for failing to clear signalized intersection and one for not having latest insurance card… 

How very lovely..


Here are today’s sketches.  A little more work on hands  and triangle girl :P.  When I came to post today’s sketches I got the urge to digitalize the guy in the first pic.  I wanted to see how fast I could do it.  Took me like half an hour.

I’m not giving up

Begin.Did some more of triangle girl.  I really like her.  Need to do more with her.

A silly face from a comic I’m working on…

I am also putting up some ones that I had done previously:

guys, i have so much.  you have no idea.  i know i can do it better seriously, i have this in me.  you have no idea what i can do.  liike seirously.  please.  puhh leeeease

Yeah, let’s leave it open

I can still taste the chapstick

He said, she said

Prettied up this “girl” drawing.  I think it came out pretty good but there’s so many things I could have done better.  And I also could (should) have taken alot less time to do it!

The speakers and the floor were fun to render and took up alot of the time actually.  I was afraid that the character wouldn’t *Pop* after I made the backgrounds so sparkly.  I tweaked the colours and saturations on her afterward.  I think that helped a little bit.

I’m watching Dreamworks Studio’s The Prince of Egypt.  It’s pretty awsome.  I am amazed by the art.  I like how Moses has a sort of Tsundere flavour to him.  Man, I’ve waited to use that word for SOO long…

Oh no you didn’t

That day

Just did a little work on this one here:

Sometimes I can get so down on how far I have yet to go on things.  Especially when there’s so many other people to easily compare yourself to.  I guess you should always compare yourself to yourself a week ago.  2 months ago.  1 year ago…. etc  Then you can see the positive changes.  I do enjoy the process, just sometimes it can get so tedious…

Holding on and waiting at the same time.