A preview of things to come:

300 Samosas

let me bring you up now

gire naga

I will come for you

Here is art from today and the last few days that I didn’t post anything. It’s easier to scan/photograph a bunch of things at once than doing them each day.

Some of these are studies of works from 2 of my favorite artists – Stephen Silver and Doug TenNapel.

– wipe those tears from your eyes

tak tak taka

Give him victory

swing so sweetly

Was once lost

GOt you


Here is today’s quick piece. I will post last couple of days’ work hopefully tmr.

WHat is going on?

Did another sketchoholic study contest. This was a tonal study. These things are freaking hard..

Contest page: http://sketchoholic.com/Talent/member/my_contest_items.php?ContestID=706


slide open the door

Back from Algonquin + Petawawa. Even though it was rainy the whole time, we had lots of fun. Lots of good stories to tell.

Anyways, today I did a sketchoholic’s contest. It was a colour study. I don’t think I ever really did one. I failed miserably, but here goes:

It was a study of a Bouguereau painting: http://sketchoholic.com/uploads/1000/upload/users/132/Bouguereau_study_0.jpg


Did a poster for a friend:

If you’re in Norway and happen to understand wtf that says, then by all means, check out the concert.

Leaving for camping @ Algonquin tomorrow morning. Will not be doing any daily sketches for the next couple of days. Cya when I get back!