The Snackerpark of Weimar

Did this one of Colin Mochrie. I struggled alot with this one, never being really happy with it. Just goes to show that you should make sure you have a good thumbnail sketch to start with before starting the rendering process. It was my 6th or so sketch but I should have done more until it was right. Would have saved me ALOT of time.

“Hey, Ryan, if Sting retires, will he change his name to Stung?”

Do you feel lucky punk?

Here’s Clint Eastwood as Wolverine.

I’ve always wanted to do an amalgamation like this, with ideas taken from both of them. I felt like I could just keep on working on this one but decided that I reached a point where it was ok to stop and move on.. Might do another one like this later on, I really like the badass “come get some” feel it has. Clint Eastwood is one of my favourite actors and Wolverine is one of my favorite characters and they’ve certainly got a lot in common! Whenever I watch Clint Eastwood in the old movies, it reminds me of Wolverine. And vice versa. They’re both gritty lone wolves, with the right amount of ego, balls and brawn to go out and get the dirty work done. Physically, Wolverine is a beefy stocky dude and Clint is tall and lean so that’s a difference I had to keep in mind. I chose to bring Wolverine’s features into the face and the claws ofcourse.

I actually ended up working with the first thumbnail sketch I did even though I did a good few of them. Sometimes the first is the best! I may put up a step by step process later.