Back to odo

Today I did an odosketch of my kitten, Bheem, from the before time when he still had his balls.

The long and short of it

Long story short – today was a long sunday. Did a little drawing quickly for today’s post. It still took too long dammit…

Some facial expressions


Be back soon

My kittens are fasting. Tmr is the day. They loose their manhood. It is sad indeed 🙁

I’m a criminal

Went to a doctor today that I have been waiting for months to go to. The appointment was made like half a year ago. Finally the day came, so I went. Then they said that they have no records of anything about me… Didn’t get to see noone. 🙁

My Cherie Amour

Why are you so interesting


Fab Tastard

Why the long face

Forced breakthrough

The triangle girl Saga continues. I just realised that her torso is way too small… Looks almost like a midget. OH WELLZ!

the red team spit the most so that means the black team wins

What’s this now

Some sloppy things…

there’s a ribbon in the sky

A case of you