Going to Manitoulin Island for a few days. Even though I won’t be able to post daily sketches, I’ll make sure to do them and post them all when I get back.

Cya in a bit.


Started on a friend’s WoW character…

I think it’s going to be ok

Saw the Sucker Punch trailer and was inspired to do something like this today:

Here’s a close up of her head area:


Almost forgot to do my art today! Shame on me!

And there wasn’t an art post yesterday because I got started on a sketch and didn’t scan it yet. WHen I work some more on it you’ll see it.. soon..

self medicating

Working on something:


Unresolved contemplation


Lying in the darkness

Earthworm Jim

This was fun.


Got Ghostopolis by Doug TenNapel today.   He is the creator of my favorite superworm, Earthworm Jim!  Started on this sketch of him.  I might colour in tmr 🙂

taking in the summer sun

not through speaking

Dead end driving

Saw and played around with it a bit and got this:

slop slop

Finished up this Juggernaut today.

Also just did this for fun:

whoa! 2 works of art for the day! And it’s only midday! Yay for conference call meetings from home! 😀

Annoying Fat bitches