Big Bird

Big Bird

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my little joker

Close ups:



I had actually started this a long time ago in a conference meeting at work. Here are some of initial sketches trying to explore the idea of a cat being Joker:

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Holy Ground

Here’s kinalien playing a violin!


An alien musician inspired by kina grannis: Kinalien!




Last post for 2010. And it’s a catchup post D:


Here are a few stranglers I finally caught up with.


Here are some silly msn sketches me and my friend, Vjolla, did today 😛


Here is that swan.  I have to colour in the beak and add some white highlights etc.  Hope I don’t screw it up!

Sketchoholic Marathon

Today I did a Sketch Marathon hosted by the guys.  It consisted of 4 legs, each one being 1 hr long.  A topic is picked by the winner of the previous leg then we have a little less than an hour to come up with our piece.  It was very nerve rackling because you have to come up with your idea and then do it so fast.  It was very exciting and I had lots of fun even though I didn’t win a round.   Here are my pieces: 

Part 1: Animals on Steroids 

Hey, no fair! 


Part 2: Dinosaur Princess 

Rapunzaur Rapunzaur, let your tail down!

Part 3: Creatures that Work 

The TreeCutter 


Part 4: Fancy Dresser 

Mr. Bean Animated Series DVD cover 


The time constraints really push you to exercise parts of your creative ability in ways that you normally wouldn’t.  Click on the links to see the other artists’ submissions.  Some are really amazing! 

Until next time, keep up the INTENSE Intensity!

it’s been a pleasure to be here…

..on the roof