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Joe Ringer

Today I stumbled across an animation app for the iPad. I quickly paid the $2 cost and installed it on my friend’s iPad. After 10-15 minutes, I had this:

The app is Animation Creator HD by http://www.red-software.com/achd. I am very happy with this app and plan on making a lot more animations!


Animation is freaking hard. Tried another one of these but I had a hard time. Spent alot of time cutting out things I spent time making. Cuz they just didn’t fit well when things were moving. Didn’t come out great but I think i still managed to get something ok.

I like the last one better…

kat anim

One MRI Sunday Morning…

First off, here are the sketch book sketches for the day:

I had an MRI done this Sunday Morning @ 9am.  I asked for a copy of the images.  Check out this animation that I  made with some of the pictures:

Cool, innit?  One thing – why am I being reminded of a certain cranially challenged cartoon character?


P.S. I took a while to *pinkify* my image so you’d better like it!